There's a funeral in my stomach.

Someone using shovel and spade.

Something impacting deep inside me.

And even though I can't see
I know that my liver, drunk with fear,
is vomiting blood with every gouge.

There's a dead person inside me.

I smell it's stench.

I have the feeling that finally
the worms are feeding happily.

There's a crematorium
located in my white lily belly.

Oh! my lily belly!

There's another woman putrified by nerves
inside my life.

There's an invisible thread that's fettering my strength,
that's suffocating my voice.

Oh me!

Inside me the world is ending
and I can't even scream.

Poema del libro "Mi miedo dólo mío"
Yamilka Noa derechos reservados 2008
Traducción - Laura Burns